Work, Wellness, and the Great Outdoors

A two semester learning community

  • Explore the interconnectedness of work, wellness and the great outdoors
  • Create an academic plan that balances career goals, personal wellness, and playing in the great outdoors of Utah
  • Critically examine businesses that prioritize employee wellness, outdoor recreation, and leisure time to save costs and improve the bottom line
  • Develop your leadership and team work skills through outdoor activities and develop strategies for maintaining physical and mental wellness throughout life
  • Be successful taking 15 credit hours per semester
  • Complete most or all of your General Education requirements
  • Have great instructors
  • Access to peer advisors, students success advocates, a librarian and an advisor
  • Get a certificate on your transcript

4 easy steps to plan all your classes for the semester!

Fall 2017

1. Sign up for the Work, Wellness & The Great Outdoors Learning Community (BF) UGS 2300-001 T,H 9:10-10:30

2. Select One HF course from this list

BUS 1050 Foundations of Business Thought (3)
COMM 1270 Analysis of Argument (3)

3. Select One AS/SF course from this list

NUTR 1020 Scientific Foundations of Human Nutr & Hlth (3)
PHYS 1110 Physics of the Human Body (3)
H EDU 2095 Intro to Wilderness Medicine (3)

4. Pick 2 more classes of your choice for a total of 15 credits (we recommend math and writing)



To learn more about BlockU or to schedule an appointment with the BlockU Advisor, please contact Academic Advising Center at 801-581-8146.

How to Sign Up



Librarian: Alfred Mowdood 

Student Success Advocate: Lisa Lewis 

Peer Advisor: Danielle Perez

Fall Syllabi

UGS 2300-001

BUS 1050-006

BUS 1050-004

BUS 1050-007

BUS 1050-003

COMM 1270-092

COMM 1270-001

NUTR 1020-004

NUTR 1020-001

NUTR 1020-002

PHYS 1110-001

HEDU 2095-001