Health, Food & Social Justice

A two semester learning community

  • Partner with local organizations to influence the sustainability of our local “foodshed”
  • Explore environmental impacts of agriculture and cultural influences that affect sustainable food practices
  • Be successful taking 15 credit hours per semester
  • Complete most or all of your General Education requirements
  • Have great instructors
  • Access to peer mentors, students success advocates, a librarian and an advisor
  • Get a certificate on your transcript

4 easy steps to plan all your classes for the semester!

1. Sign up for the Health, Food, and Social Justice Learning Community (UGS 2280-001) T,H 2:00-3:20 PM

2. Select One

ANTH 1010 Culture & Human Experience (3)
CMP 2010 Intro to Urban Ecology (3)
FCS 1500 Lifespan Human Development (3)

3. Select One

BIOL 1330 Plants and Society (3)
NUTR 1020 Scientific Foundations of Human Nutrition & Health (3)
PHYS 1110 Physics of the Human Body (3)

4. Pick 2 more classes of your choice for a total of 15 credits (we recommend math and writing)

To learn more about BlockU or to schedule an appointment with the BlockU Advisor, please contact Terese Pratt at 801-581-8146.

How to Sign Up

Librarian: Amy Brunvand

Student Success Advocate: Maggie Roque

Peer Mentor: Jennifer Nielsen

Fall Syllabi

UGS 2280-001