Families & Health

A two semester learning community

  • Explore how families can promote health and well-being and manage chronic illnesses
  • Work on one of several community-based projects focused on nutrition, movement, or a creative book project
  • Be successful taking 15 credit hours per semester
  • Complete most or all of your General Education requirements
  • Have great instructors
  • Access to peer advisors, students success advocates, a librarian and an advisor
  • Get a certificate on your transcript

4 easy steps to plan all your classes for the semester!

Fall 2019

1. Sign up for the Families & Health Learning Community (BF) UGS 2270-001  T,H 10:45-12:05 (Class #10945)

2. Select One SF/AS course from this list

BIOL 1610 Principles of Biology (4)
ANTH 1020 Human Origin Evo/Div (3)
NUIP 1020 Scientific Foundations Nutr & Health (3)

3. Select One HF course from this list

ENGL 2700 Diversity in American Literature (3)
FILM 1110 Intro to Film (3)
POLS 2300 Intro to Political Theory (3)
ETHNC 2510 Diversity Scholars (3) (an option for students accepted into the Diversity Scholars Program)

4. Pick 2 more classes of your choice for a total of 15 credits (we recommend math and writing)


1. Sign up for the Families & Health Learning Community (BF) UGS 2275-001 W 2:00-5:00 PM Class #10945

2. Select ANY Fine Arts (FF) course

ART 2060 Digital Photography (3)
DANC 1075 Dance as a Creative Process (3)
ENGL 2510 Creative/Book Arts (3)

3. Select ANY Humanities (HF) OR Physical Life Science (SF) or Applied Science (AS) OR another Fine Arts (FF) course

AS  take AS if you took SF in the fall
AS – PHYS 1110 Physics of the Human Body (3)
AS – NUIP 1020 Human Nutrition & Health (3)
SF Take SF if you took AS in the fall. You can also choose SF if you took an SF in the fall
SF – ANTH 1020 Human Origin Evol/Diver (3)
SF – BIOL 1610 Principles of Biology (4)
SF – CHEM 1020 Culinary Chemistry (3)
HF – FCS 3290 Ethnic Minority Families (4)
FF – DANC 1013 History of Hip Hop (3)

4. Pick 2 more classes of your choice for a total of 15 credits

We recommend completing math, writing or history if you still need those. If you are only needing a one credit hour class, you should check out UGS 1050.


Have specific questions about the BlockU Program? Email us at blocku@utah.edu

Have questions about how BlockU fits with your intended course of study? Schedule an appointment with the Academic Advising Center at 801-581-8146.

How to Sign Up



Librarian: Lorelei Rutledge

Student Success Advocate: John Bernal

Peer Mentor: Christian Amaya

Fall Syllabi

Sample Syllabi_ Families & Health

BIOL 1210-001 & 002

BIOL 1210-003

BIOL 1210-004

BIOL 1210-090

FCS 3290-001

NUTR 1020-003

PHYS 1110-001

ANTH 1050-001

COMM 2110-001

ENGL 2335-001