2016-2017 BlockU Program

We have made a few changes to the BlockU Program for the 2016-2017 year. We hope that these changes will make your experience in the program better than ever!

Students choose which program to join based on the theme that they are most interested in.  Your BlockU experience is designed to help you be successful taking 15 credit hours per semester — which will help you finish your degree sooner!  You will be enrolled in a small learning community course and two additional required courses; at the end of the year, you’ll get a BlockU certificate on your transcript and may have finished all of your gen eds. You will have access to peer mentors, a dedicated advisor, a dedicated librarian, and a student success advocate. Best of all, you’ll get the chance to participate in a hands-on capstone project during your second semester!

Here are the six BlockU themes that are being offered for 2016-2017:

Students will explore the role and use of the arts in effective social, political, and environmental advocacy. Students will learn how to partner artistic expression with effective strategies of on-the-ground community organizing. If you want to channel your creativity to change the collective consciousness and impact the institutions, organizations, and communities that shape and inform our lives, you will love this BlockU.


We take a conceptual look at entrepreneurship as a phenomenon, i.e. investigate entrepreneurship from a theoretical and historical perspective, learn what is, why it exists, and how it has shaped evolution of society. We help you create your entrepreneurial opportunities through leveraging your personal interests, skills, and social network.

This BlockU will explore how families can promote health and well-being, how they help manage chronic illnesses, and how these family-based strategies vary across developmental life stages. Students in this BlockU will work in groups on one of several community-based projects focused on nutrition, movement, or a creative book project.


By virtue of your University education each one of you has an opportunity to understand the global footprint of your citizenship — both the rights and the responsibilities that come with living as a human citizen of the planet among its people, its crea-tures, and its resources. If you are someone interested in having and managing global impact, this BlockU is your General Education program.

In this BlockU you will be able to be actively engaged in creating a more sustainable and equitable food system in Salt Lake City. By partnering with local organizations working to grow food and community, you will directly influence the sustainability of our local “foodshed.” We will examine a variety of issues, ranging from the diversity of food movements, to the environmental impacts of agriculture, to the cultural influences that affect sustainable food practices.


Medicine traditionally draws a clear line between the healthy and the diseased, the able and the disabled, the normal and the abnormal. We will discuss specific cases and embed them in larger questions about normalcy: What is normal and abnormal? And what does science and the humanities have to say about the matter? How can (or should) medicine intervene on the “abnormal”? And who decides on such interventions?


Step 1:

Sign up for the  BlockU Learning Community course plus choose 2 other required courses from a list we will provide you with.

How to Sign Up

Step 2:

Select 2 additional courses. We recommend math and writing. See your advisor.


Here’s a visual of what a planning schedule might look like:

Fall 2016 (Arts & Advocacy Example) Spring 2017 (Arts & Advocacy Example)
UGS 2220-001 FF UGS 2225-001 BF
Choos course from BlockU Approved List HF Choose course from BlockU Approved List SF
Choose course from BlockU Approved List HF Choose course from BlockU Approved List FF
Math Math?*
Writing Writing?*
*Other options include courses that fulfill the AI requirement. If all other General Education requirements are complete, you may begin selecting courses that fulfill prerequisites for your chosen major or take courses that will help you balance your work load.

Schedule an appointment with Terese Pratt or another BlockU advisor by calling 801-581-8146 or email questions to Terese at tpratt@uc.utah.edu.